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Job Posting:
Field Technician

minimum $22/hour
based on experience

ITDC is looking for a part to full-time Field Technician to help support our growing field deployments. Candidate should have a valid and clean driving record, be able to problem solve, and navigate a map.

Duties and Responsibilities

▪ Be able to work independently as well as within a team, to meet project and company goals.

▪ Applicant should be able to drive, at times, long distances to project locations.

▪ Work with projects schedules and deadlines. Work will include some weekend work on Saturday or Sunday and hours outside of 9am-5pm. ▪ ▪ Some travel and  overnights will be required.

▪ Load and unload equipment (50lbs) from vehicles.

▪ Install various types of video recording devices at traffic count locations.

▪ Install radar and tube counters at various traffic count locations.

▪ Use PC based programs and applications to monitor equipment.

▪ Maintain accurate maps and diagrams of equipment and locations.

▪ Maintain, organize, and repair equipment and vehicles.

▪ Follow safety standards and obtain a work zone certification through the company.

▪ Participate in company events and meetings.


▪ Have a valid drivers license with a clean driving record.

▪ Comfortable driving in city and highway traffic conditions.

▪ Comfortable working closely to an active roadway.

▪ Be able to lift at least 50lbs from a standing position.

▪ Be good at listening and following directions.

▪ Willing and able to be hands on and learn new tasks.

▪ Be able to work in a fast-paced environment.

▪ Must be a team player.

▪ Experience with computers and navigating computer software. 

▪ Must be able to read a map and use programs such a google earth.

▪ Must be willing and motivated to, at times, work on large projects.

▪ Be comfortable working in all weather conditions.

▪ Communicate well both verbally and written.

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